• A.J. Styles celebrates after winning the WWE World Championship at Backlash.

A.J. Styles celebrates after winning the WWE World Championship at Backlash. (Photo : YouTube/Andre Corbeil)

A.J. Styles is set to defend the WWE World Championship against Dean Ambrose in a TLC Match at the TLC PPV on Sunday, December 4. According to the latest rumors, Styles is expected to retain the title as he is set to defend it against James Ellsworth sometime before the Royal Rumble.

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The Styles-Ambrose feud has been going on for several months now with the TLC Match possibly ending it. Ambrose has gotten to Styles' head with the use of Ellsworth, who is already 3-0 against "the Face that runs the place."

All the shenanigans and the brawling between Ambrose and Styles lead to a TLC Match this Sunday where Ellsworth might not be to show up. As recapped by WWE.com, The Phenomenal One attacked the newest member of SmackDown Live.

Styles battered Ellsworth with a ladder and a steel chair before hitting the Styles Clash on the floor. It looked like "Chins McMahon" was taken off television and he will return to challenge Styles for the title before the Rumble.

According to Cageside Seats, the current plan for Styles is for him to retain the championship against Ambrose. He will then defend the title in a match with Ellsworth wherein it is going to end the storyline completely as the WWE heads into the Royal Rumble.

Speaking of the Rumble, Styles is being rumored to be defending the WWE World championship against The Undertaker. It is reportedly being considered by top officials but it is only speculative at the moment and plans can still change.

As for Ambrose and Ellsworth, there are several reports speculating that The Lunatic will turn on his friend. Ambrose has been labeled stagnant by many fans and analysts which means a heel turn is going to freshen up his character.

However, the problem for the WWE is how they will book Ellsworth once the feud between him, Ambrose and Styles is over. He is signed to a full-time WWE deal and they might use him as a comedy act. The company can also put him in the cruiserweight division and have him win the title just to pop the crowd.

Nevertheless, these are just rumors and nothing has been confirmed. WWE TLC 2016 will be this Sunday, December 4 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Check out the video below to watch Styles brutalize Ellsworth.