• Sami Zayn confronts Mick Foley in the this week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

Sami Zayn confronts Mick Foley in the this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. (Photo : YouTube/WWE)

After the brand split, SmackDown Live has been the more consistent wrestling show while Monday Night Raw has failed to fulfill the promise of prioritizing superstars. A possible shakeup between the two brands is rumored to be happening as one Raw superstar might get traded to SmackDown soon.

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As recapped by WWE.com, Sami Zayn was once again at the end of a beating from Braun Strowman when Raw GM Mick Foley stepped in to stop it. However, it led to a verbal confrontation between Zayn and Foley that got really intense.

It was so intense and emotional that Foley's bottom false teeth popped out of his mouth. This has led to a lot of speculations regarding a possible trade between Raw and SmackDown Live. It should be noted that SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan has been trying to sign Zayn since the brand split.

Bryan has expressed his interest in booking the Canadian star much better wherein he will be used properly. It is unlike on Raw where Zayn gets beat up by a monster that has not been wrestling for two years.

According to Nick Schwartz of FOX Sports, the storyline between Zayn and Foley can lead to a big trade soon. One of the suggested swaps is Zayn working on Tuesday nights while Baron Corbin heads to Monday Night Raw.

"Zayn seems like he'd be a perfect fit for SmackDown, where he could flourish in feuds with The Miz or Dolph Ziggler, or even move up into the WWE World title picture with AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose," Schwartz reported.

"A move to SmackDown would give Zayn a fresh start, and if Raw needs someone in return, Baron Corbin has been trying to get himself fired by Daniel Bryan for a while," he added.

Corbin, who has become stagnant since winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, also needs a fresh start. In his storyline, he has been getting on the skin of Bryan due to his actions like costing SmackDown Live the cruiserweight division at Survivor Series.

Zayn is not the only superstar Bryan is trying to lure to the blue brand. Cesaro has been on his radar for some time now but The Swiss Superman is thriving on his uncanny partnership with Sheamus. The team Cesaro and Sheamus are looking like the ones that will end the reign of The New Day as champions.

Check out the video below to watch the verbal confrontation between Zayn and Foley on Raw.