• Halo 6: The Ending of the Reclaimer Saga Theory.

Halo 6: The Ending of the Reclaimer Saga Theory. (Photo : YouTube/ HaloFollower )

"Halo 6" is one of the highly anticipated first-person video game this year. However, it seems like there is still no confirmation of its exact release date, for what we have right now is the alleged confirmation or hint that game development is already in progress.

Although most fans are still enjoying the game features and adventure being offered by "Halo 5" with its relatively recent release, some fans are now clamoring for the hit video game's sixth installment. Over the past months, gamers and Halo enthusiasts feast on rumors and speculations of an early release of "Halo 6" by next year. The speculations surrounding the game release somehow made things more unclear and even improbable. 

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However, such doubt casted upon an early release was somehow dispelled over the assurance that game developer, 343 Industries, is not sleeping over the demands of fans for another "Halo" installment. A testament to this is a document with a "Halo 6" title seen during game developer's own rendition of the trending "Mannequin Challenge." The said transcript was clearly seen from the online broadcast of the said event.

For a keen viewer, the transcript will surely be noticed. Since it was not emphasized in the video, it would somehow be safe to assume that such revelation of the transcript was accidental and not part of the plan. However, it may also be part of the plan and that developer 343 Industries is merely teasing and preparing fans for their upcoming release next year or by 2018, as most discussion on HaloWayPoint pointed out.

The discussion of 2017 release of "Halo 6" somehow sounds reasonable, especially if you will be viewing it from the likewise rumored release of Xbox One 2017 model dubbed as "Project Scorpio" by Microsoft. According to Polygon the upcoming gaming console will be available by 2017 and would likely deliver "6 teraflops of computing capability, and true 4K resolution."

Watch here below video discussion of the game series' supposed ending: