• Alipay Works In Beijing's Hospitals

Alipay Works In Beijing's Hospitals (Photo : Getty Images)

Because China’s censor and authorities have become stricter when it comes to posting sexy streaming videos, young Chinese women are instead turning to just posting naughty photos of themselves on the School Girls Journal group to earn tips.

The scheme limits posting of naughty images to young females who are the only ones who could receive money or tips from wealthy male netizens. These men need to have Alipay credit scores of 750 or higher to participate, although the only function they could use is to pay. Men whose credit scores are less than 750 could only salivate since the only thing allowed of them is to browse the naughty photos of young female university students.

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Payment is done using Alipay’s Circles feature which allows user video and image sharing. It is similar to other social media services, Newseveryday reported.

The scheme has caught the ire of netizens who accused Alibaba, which owns Alipay that is used in system, of promoting prostitution and pornography, Global Times reported. Occasionally, there are also some female office workers who also post provocative photos to earn extra money.

Among the comments made by netizens on a Weibo discussion group is that the group is a journal for school-aged sex workers. Another commenter said the group is where he could get a sex escort. In response to the complaints, Alipay said it would initiate measures to filter out Circle users with malicious intent.

A female journalist joined School Girls Journal group to check if the accusations are true, and she described the experience of browsing the photos and captions as like entering a brothel. She noted the young women members of the group are motivated by love for money, while the men are motivated by a desire for things of the flesh.

 With a minimum tip of one yuan and maximum of 200 yuan, the group allows pretty and sexy Chinese women to earn a few thousand yuan. Unfortunately for ugly women, they are not welcome to the group. Those who try to post photos get disparaging remarks such as telling them to instead save money for cosmetic surgery before they dare post photos on the site.