• Donald Trump being linked to the coming of the Antichrist.

Donald Trump being linked to the coming of the Antichrist. (Photo : YouTube/ APOCAlYPTO PRODUCTIONS)

Nostradamus predictions for 2017 have been highly sought the past weeks, especially after Donald Trump won the election. There have been many reports concerning both topics, including the intriguing assassination of the U.S. president-elect, which Nostradamus prophesied centuries ago.

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With the swift victory of Trump over the recent US presidential election some people questioned his capacity and dedication to lead his country. Apart from doubts being casted upon him, others resorted to prophecy and predictions to see how the next administration will perform the coming months. However, to the astonishment of the majority, it is now being reported that the next U.S. president will likely be the next John F. Kennedy.

Surfacing reports online mentioned that the U.S. president-elect Donald Trump will likely be assassinated as Nostradamus predictions would point out. NewProphecy suggests that conditions for a 1960 JFK-type election were present in the recent election, and that assassination might take place January 2017.

If indeed Trump will suffer similar fate as to that of JFK, it is now being feared by some people that a World War 3 might soon ensue. Nostradamus predictions allegedly speak of Trump as the Third Antichrist, as previously reported. The particular prediction is somehow being associated to a more disturbing claim, stating that Trump's death will trigger World War 3.

Self-proclaimed world authority on Nostradamus and rogue scholar, John Hogue, claimed in his book that World War III begins when Mabus dies a sudden death. And putting into perspective the predicted sudden death of Trump through assassination and his so-called identity as the Third Antichrist or Mabus, then it would subsequently boil down to the long prophesied World War 3, according to HogueProphecy.

There is still no telling on what will happen come 2017, whether Donald Trump will be assassinated similar to JFK. Guess we would just have to wait and see how Nostradamus predictions for 2017 will unfold in the coming days.