• Psyonix announces their latest addition to "Rocket League," Starbase ARC.

Psyonix announces their latest addition to "Rocket League," Starbase ARC. (Photo : YouTube/Rocket League)

Game developer Psyonix revealed recently that their next big game update for "Rocket League" will add the new Starbase ARC and will be released in December. The holiday items will also be coming with it.

According to the official website of the video game, the upcoming update will include a space-themed Arena and Battle Car. The Starbase ARC is an inspiration of one of Psyonix's previous games called "ARC Squadron." It is an octagonal, semi-standard stadium that will orbit a huge desert planet.

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A new premium DLC Battle-Car will be added in addition to the free arena and it comes complete with animated wings and a futuristic look. Players will only need to pay $1.99 for this car with the arena, which will be released on Dec. 7.

Steam Workshop support will be coming to the video game with their next update too. Those who own a PC, Mac and a SteamOS console can take advantage of uploading custom level they have built to the Steam community hub of the game.

The game company introduced their own Custom Training feature on all platforms. Players can create their own drills specific to their play style. They can browse, search, and share other training sequences to the community.

With the new update, players can now make their own Arena Preferences to the Playlist menu. They will have a limited number of Likes or Dislikes that they can assign to the Arenas of their choice. This is to increase or decrease the likelihood of playing them again in online matches.

The Champion series IV crate will be introduced with the latest update as well and it will include all-new exclusive Garage items. Players can use Keys to unlock the highly-requested import Battle-Car called Octane ZSR.

According to another post on the official website of "Rocket League," the upcoming update will also add Holiday items for players to try out. It will add a new Elf Hat Topper, a Nutcracker Antenna, and the 2017 New Year's Glasses Topper. Aside from these, they will also add back all of the 2015 Holiday items as well like the Xmas Rocket Trail, Blitzen Topper, and many more.

Check out the "Rocket League" Starbase ARC video below: