• Apple is providing free battery replacements for faulty iPhone 6s units.

Apple is providing free battery replacements for faulty iPhone 6s units. (Photo : Getty Images)

Apple has confirmed that there will be an iOS 10 update scheduled for release in the coming days but the chief design is for the diagnosis of the growing iPhone 6S battery problem. So the chance is remote for now that the OS update will lead to a jailbreak release anytime soon whether from Team Pangu or any other hacking entity.

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According to WCCFTech, Apple "will add an additional diagnostic feature to the iOS software update that is released next week." As iOS 10.2 is already in public beta 6 as of this week, it's likely that the version for deployment in the next few days is the official build of 10.2 but it's also possible that the jump will only an amount to version 10.1.2.

The same report stated that the next OS update is meant to gather the necessary information in order to ascertain the extent of the iPhone 6S battery flaw, which is a problem that now appears to include more batch models apart from the ones earlier identified by Apple.

If the diagnostic return will warrant a major patch, then such will be included in the succeeding updates, which likely will be iOS 10.2 in full glory plus the software fixes, of course.

But a jailbreak from Pangu or any other JB tool creators is another story. Per iDownloadblog.com, "there has been no word of an official iOS 10 jailbreak dropping to the general public any time soon from the prominent hacking teams, such as Pangu and TaiG." The assumption was any of these jailbreak providers were merely waiting for the next big iOS 10 update but the deafening silence on the devs' seems contradicting such a scenario.

And if Luca Todesco is to be believed, then the chance for a possible next jailbreak release is supposedly slimming by the day, and more so when iOS 10.2 becomes official. "10.2 kills many bugs, staying on 10.1.1 is a wise choice," the hacker said in a Twitter post this week.

That's like saying that iPhone and iPad users need to make a choice once version 10.2 becomes available. If the priority is security and stability, then installing the update is a must.

But if one remains optimistic that Pangu or TaiG will still provide an untethered jailbreak version of iOS 10 then the next move is to avoid the update like the plague. As Todesco has explained, exploits will killed with the release of version 10.2 and that translates to being locked out from the next jailbreak release date, though it ever happening is now a big question mark.