• AMD Zen Revealed - Taking the fight to Broadwell-E!

AMD Zen Revealed - Taking the fight to Broadwell-E! (Photo : YouTube/ Hardware Unboxed)

AMD Zen CPU is set for release next year, and most experts believe that Zen architecture will likely pave the way for AMD' success over the established dominance of Intel in the past years.

The hype and marketing importance being given to Zen processor by Advanced Micro Devices is indeed a testament of their great trust over their latest product line. Most experts suggest that AMD consumers will likely experience the power of the company's high-performance Zen CPU similar to that of Intel. As suggested by reports and leaks online, the 8-core Zen could keep pace with an 8-core Broadwell-E chip from Intel as most would suggest.

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According to PC Gamers, although AMD Zen's performance is still shrouded with mystery, the company behind it has quantified a performance target of 40 percent better Instructions Per Clock (IPC) with Zen when compared with AMD's earlier Bulldozer processor.

Moreover, in a separate report, it also mentioned of unaccounted claims comparing Zen processor's performance with Intel Core i7 6900K, making the rivalry more interesting come the launching of AMD Zen in the first quarter of 2017 as what Seeking Alpha highlighted in their report.

The same report also mentioned that Zen CPU intended for the server will be launched in the second quarter of 2017, while Zen processors for notebooks will follow in the second half of the same year. If the scheduled release will be strictly followed, then Zen architecture will surely have an ample time to chase after Intel's i7 market.

Consequently, this aggressive marketing approach being done by the Sunnyvale-based semi-conductor company will likely translate to both profitability and market share gains, especially that AMD Zen CPU and its rumored variants, "Summit Ridge" family, are set on a much lower price compared to Intel. The Zen SR5 and Zen SR3 will be the more price optimized CPUs with pricing close to $200-$300.

With the preparation almost all set, what is left for consumers is to wait and see on how AMD will deliver on their promise and hype.