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Technological innovations should not be just to make better mobile phones or laptops. It could also mean better design for other important items people use every day such as clothing.

One innovation that Michael Walker of New York City came up with is give men a way to adjust their private parts without necessarily needing to insert their hands inside their pants and underwear. Walker realized while traveling through three South American countries that men’s underwear are uncomfortable and not so functional.

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In February 2016, Walker began designing prototypes. First, he redesigned the crotch area so the sac would be bigger than the usual underwear. He then added a string-like device which goes all the way down to the crotch area so all the man has to do to adjust his genital is pull the string upward to keep his manhood away from his legs, Mashable reported.

“When you need to readjust, you simply use the patented ‘Lifter,’ a string that attaches from the waistband to the bottom of the pouch, and it elevates your entire manhood,” Huffington Post quoted Walker.

To show the final product at the FITMSA fashion show in April, Walker opened a company in two months. He held an Instagram contest to name the five underwear models now out in the market and chose Ron BurgUndies, Gray(s)Kale, Midnight Stealth, FITspiration Blue and The Tuxedo.

He calls the brand Eletrunk because the front part of the underwear has similarity to an elephant’s trunk, but shorter than the pachyderm’s. Because of its unique design, Walker said the underwear makes true its promise no compression, security, maximum comfort and all-around functionality.

He said there would be long leg boxers and brief cuts with the same Eletrunk design to give men a wider choice of comfortable underwear. Walker said he is open for ideas on how the bra could be redesigned for the woman seeking more comfort for her ample chest.