• PrEP and HIV Prevention: A Quick Primer on a Hot Topic

PrEP and HIV Prevention: A Quick Primer on a Hot Topic (Photo : YouTube/ TheBodyDotCom)

HIV and AIDS cases have been increasing despite the efforts of the world organization to cure and stop the spreading of the disease. In order to address the concern, updates on prevention model are being made to prevent further HIV/AIDS transmission.

Over the past years, cases of HIV/AIDS have been regularly reported worldwide. In the latest data presented by the American Foundation for Aids Research or amfAR, it revealed that there are 36.7 million people were living with HIV in 2015, while 2.1 million people were newly infected in the same year. With the given scenario, top agencies and official were impelled to seek for HIV/AIDS cure and prevention updates to lower the rate of the said disease.

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To somehow answer the call for relief, a new HIV prevention model has been recently published showcasing a much more improved prevention methods that would complement and likewise improve HIV care continuum. According to AIDS.Gov, the goal of developing this prevention continuum is to make HIV prevention much simpler, that it seemed like relative easy to do.

In the presentation (PDF) highlighted by the site, it made mention of the importance of preventing HIV as a means for avoiding death. The discussion highlights "novel, comprehensive, primary and secondary HIV prevention continuum model" that the United States may follow as conceptual framework so as to reduce HIV incidence and stop development of AIDS.

The new presented and published HIV prevention model would indeed be helpful in updating the world government's fight for HIV infection and even AIDS. Thus, the importance of the prevention model was recognized by the Journal of the International AIDS Society and giving everyone access to it without charge.

Although the updated HIV prevention model is yet to be tested beyond theoretical parlance, its presentation and methodological approach are indeed promising. Guess we would just have to wait and see how things and the government and non-government unit will react to the update.