• BIGBANG comeback 2016 very soon

BIGBANG comeback 2016 very soon (Photo : YouTube/GlobalVIPs)

BigBang member Seungri is embroiled in another dating rumor, this time with a Japanese woman who claims to have dated the singer for over a year starting 2013.

In an interview with Japanese media outlet Shukan Bunshun, the unnamed woman claims that she met the singer at a "members-only karaoke bar." The report further narrates that Seungri has a bad behavior whenever he was drunk. It is also alleged that Seungri would call girls over and bring a girl to his hotel whenever he likes.

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Seungri's alleged ex-girlfriend, on the other hand, is said to be a woman in her 20s and looks like a model. She dated Seungri for over a year since they met in 2013. According to Koreaboo, the girl claims that Seungri would take her to expensive hotels when he's in Japan. They allegedly spent most of their time together in hotels, away from the public eye. Seungri would sing her Justin Timberlake songs and even asked her to take a bath with him.

The girl also says that Seungri was very cautious and would take away her photo when they were together. He also asked her not to tell anyone about their relationship to avoid spreading the word.

However, the relationship turned sour when Seungri's ex-girlfriend found out that the singer was still talking to other girls during the duration of their relationship. The BigBang member would talk to other girls through a mobile app called LINE. The girl found evidence of Seungri's cheating, which later caused them to break up and part ways.

"Seungri is really bad when he drinks. He doesn't make friends with girls. There have been times where I went to his room and passed another girl that was leaving," the alleged ex-girlfriend shares.

YG Entertainment has not issued a comment regarding the matter.

Meanwhile, Seungri was the subject of another dating rumor in September this year. He was rumored to be in a relationship with Taiwanese actress Bea Hayden, allkpop reported. The rumors stemmed from a photo of Seungri and Bea Hayden together on the beach. Fans assumed that they were dating. However, Seungri shut down the rumors by explaining that they are not dating and that the photos were taken when they were filming "Bonjour Les Couleurs De L'amour" together.