• ‘Pokémon Go’ for Apple Watch

‘Pokémon Go’ for Apple Watch (Photo : Facebook )

"Pokémon Go" for Apple Watch was ostensibly shelved based on the claim in a recent fake email on Reddit about the augmented reality (AR) game. A report seemed to verify that building of the smart watch app had in fact been cancelled. The mobile game's developer Niantic then noted that the image in the Reddit post was fake and that development of the Apple Watch app has continued since the software was first announced in September.

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"Pokémon Go" also verified Niantic's update. The GPS/AR game tweeted the pocket monsters that first appeared two decades ago in Game Boy titles would be coming soon to Apple's smartwatch, according to MacRumors.

The cancellation reports referred to the Apple Watch game as an unfinished "port." This was odd because the software was first referred to as a "companion app" that included features such as alerts when gamers were near a Pokéstop, according to 9 to 5 Mac.

A Niantic representative had also reportedly stated that the plans for the Apple Watch app had ended. The person also seemed to claim that development of the Apple Watch port would continue if demand increased. 

iMore's Rene Ritchie, however, tweeted that based on a few sources the Pokemon game would likely be released this year.

This is in line with Apple's September iPhone event. The tech giant and Niantic announced "Pokémon Go" would be rolled out to Apple Watch before the end of 2016.

Ritchie thinks that Niantic and Apple want to make sure that "Pokémon GO" runs smoothly on the Apple wearable. That includes the smart watch's Workouts system and HealthKit platform that collects data from health and fitness apps.

The Apple Watch app will provide "Pokémon Go" gamers with helpful information. That includes the current level, experience points (XP) to reach the next level, and how far to walk to hatch a certain egg.        

Many industry experts believed the Apple Watch app would help Niantic get users to play the game often. The company has been rolling out one-day rewards and events for gamers who play the game daily.

"Pokémon Go" recently added a holiday -themed Pikachu, as well as characters from the "Gold" and "Silver" games. The mobile game is also teaming up with Sprint and Starbucks for promotions.  

After Niantic released the Pokémon Go Plus wrist wearable in September it sold out quickly. The $35 accessory is available for iOS and Android.

Here's "Pokemon Go" for Apple Watch: