• Two medicine bottles are placed just above an HIV positive vaccine sign.

Two medicine bottles are placed just above an HIV positive vaccine sign. (Photo : YouTube/ TheLipTV )

HIV and AIDS cure research have been highly funded by different health organizations worldwide in the hopes of finally stopping the proliferation of the disease. However, despite latest medical breakthroughs, certain side-effects are constantly being studied including neuronal problem. 

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The HIV/ AIDS cure is one of the highly researched topics in the medical field ever since. The increasing incidents of HIV and AIDS cases worldwide prompted world government to increase their effort of discovering the definitive cure for HIV/AIDS. To date, antiretroviral therapies have brought renewed hope for people living with HIV/ AIDS.

However, despite the promising outcome of the said therapy, it is still far from being considered as a cure. Even more, there are reports of adverse effects that can be traced to the use of antiretroviral drugs.

Based on the research from the University of Pennsylvania, they have identified that certain protease inhibitors, mostly found in the effective HIV drugs or antiretroviral drugs, may contribute to "HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders or HAND." This association of the so-called HIV/AIDS treatment drug to neuronal damage has been linked to protease inhibitors, which in accordingly possess inherent toxicities.

"Protease inhibitors are very effective antiviral therapies, but they do have inherent toxicities. Our findings may cause us to rethink how we're using these drugs and even consider developing an adjunctive therapy to reduce some of these negative effects," ScienceDaily quoted senior author on the study Kelly Jordan-Sciutto.

Under such circumstances, side effects coming from HIV and AIDS antiretroviral therapies led more than 70 percent of HIV-positive people to turn to alternative medicine for their health concerns, according to WebMD.

This alternative medicines, according to the report, involves a wide range of healing approaches while still being immersed with standard Western medicine. To highlight some of the said approaches, it would include but may not be limited to Ayurveda, Naturopathic medicine, homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, herbal therapies, and dietary supplements.

As has been mentioned, HIV and AIDS cure is still being highly researched, while current treatments are being perfected. Although it may be reassuring to an infected individual to acquaint himself or herself to alternative medicines, still the experts' advice should first be heard before venturing into the said alternatives.