• Apple Inc. keeps updating its iOS 11 firmware ahead of its release this summer 2017.

Apple Inc. keeps updating its iOS 11 firmware ahead of its release this summer 2017. (Photo : YouTube/EverythingApplePro)

The inevitable has happened - iOS 10.1.1 is no longer signed by Apple while at the same time beta 2 of version 10.2.1 is seeded to developers. Will the iOS 10 jailbreak release as promised by hacker Luca Todesco happen real soon?

There is no solid answer to that question yet but one thing is sure, according to iDownloadBlog.com, there is no turning back for those who made the jump to iOS 10.2 as Apple stopped signing version 10.1.1. That means the downgrade path to the same iOS build has been closed, likely preventing many jailbreak fans from getting the next jailbreak that Todesco said he will put together soon.

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In the same note, 10.2.1 beta 2 is already out and the move indicates that Apple is hard at work to keep a tight lid on the mobile OS and frustrate jailbreak providers. The tactic seems effective so far as the likes of Pangu and TaiG have yet to offer a crack on iOS 10 until now.

But that is not the case with Todesco. In recent months, the security researcher has been quite generous in sharing his jailbreak breakthroughs that mostly gave assurance to jailbreak fans that iOS 10 and the latest iPhone models are open for modifications.

Then Todesco eventually announced that he will release a public jailbreak that is based on iOS 10.1.1, confirming an earlier finding by developer Ian Beer that a root exploit present on the OS will allow jailbreaking. Todesco made clear that for his JB tool to work, it is important to remain on 10.1.1 or downgrade if one has already upgraded to v. 10.2.

Now moving back to 10.1.1 is no longer possible with the software no longer signed by Apple. However, the Prometheus tool that will come out in New Year's Eve will do the trick for jailbreak fans. The hack, iDB said, will permit upgrading or downgrading to any firmware versions provided a device is in 64-bit and is previously jailbroken.

And if Prometheus fails, which is unlikely, and one is locked out of the next jailbreak then the solution could be the new JB tool that according to WCCFTech will specifically work on iOS versions 9.3.2 and as far back as 8.4.1. "This is absolutely great news for those with older devices," the report added.

But the same report reiterated that the chance is quite high iOS 10 jailbreak is dropping down soon and the actual release date is likely imminent with Todesco apparently hard at work in finalizing the next JB tool that will be made possible by exploits seen remaining on v. 10.1.1 of the OS.