• AMD Ryzen CPU, Zen based architecture.

AMD Ryzen CPU, Zen based architecture. (Photo : YouTube/ NCIX Tech Tips )

Another round of benchmark results for the upcoming AMD RYZEN CPU leaked out, this time pitting the Zen Summit Ridge chip against Intel's Broadwell Core i7-7700K and i7-6900K. While the testing is far from conclusive, it nonetheless indicated that RYZEN has the processing chops go give Intel a run for its money.

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The AMD RYZEN benchmark details first hit web forums in China, according to WCCFTech, and the details that got out confirmed that "The RYZEN CPU is going to feature 8 cores and 16 threads along with a shared cache of 4 MB + 16 (8+8) MB (L2+ L3)." The processor will also hit the market bearing the RYZEN branding and boasting of the Zen Summit Ridge platform, the report said.

It is understood too that the benchmark results were obtained using Cinebench R15 and Fritz Chess with the leaker hinting that the RYZEN chip used was the same model that AMD has used during the recent New Horizon unveiling of the chip.

And if there is one confirmation that Cinebench R15 and Fritz Chess benchmark results have included, they highlighted the fact that AMD has chiefly designed the RYZEN CPU for the enthusiast market.

Of note too, RYZEN when in multi-threading mode will easily surpass the IPC gain set by AMD, specifically by up to 40 percent and the performance tested so far is already impressive considering the benchmark results were extracted from the 3.4 GHz AMD RYZEN base model. According to WCCFTech, there will be RYZEN chips to come with higher clock speeds, indicating of higher performance levels.

Checking closely on the match up with i7-7700K and i7-6900K, the RYZEN chip returned scores that are very close to the numbers registered by the Intel processors. As mentioned, the benchmark testing is far from the conclusion phase and it appears that the leaker intends to share more results in the coming days or weeks.

Yet one thing seems quite apparent - "AMD RYZEN managed to deliver the same amount of performance as the $999 US Intel chip with lower power input (95W)," the report said, somehow indicating that the Zen Summit Ridge chip architecture is out to give Intel an interesting competition, both in terms of performance and pricing.