• Street Fighter 5 is an upcoming fighting video game developed by Capcom for the PlayStation 4 and PC platform.

Street Fighter 5 is an upcoming fighting video game developed by Capcom for the PlayStation 4 and PC platform. (Photo : Facebook/Street Fighter)

New details on "Street Fighter 5" revealed the confirmed DLC features of the sequel and the game suffering from server issues.

Capcom has confirmed the leaked in-game features for "Street Fighter 5" in its latest DLC patch update. The new features in the DLC patch include "Direct Input controller support" for "Street Fighter 5" for Steam now along with other Settings section of Options. "Background Music Select" in Battle Settings and it can be changed during Training and Versus Modes as well as Casual and Ranked matches. Fighter Profile Radar Charts will feature additional updates and fixes.

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But what makes the new DLC patch interesting is the implementation of a new Rage Quit system as Capcom stated that they always planned to take this one step further and are ready to further address the issue with this update. In addition to losing League Points and being locked out of online matchmaking for a set time, the following additions have been made to the system.

These are "Matchmaking Update", which players who frequently disconnect during matches will now be more likely to be matched up with other players who exhibit similar behavior. The same applies for honorable players who rarely be disconnected from the game and they will be matched up with similar players.

Next is Player Profile Icons, which the worst offenders and the most honorable players will also have a special icon displayed on their Fighter Profiles. And lastly, League Points Deduction happens anytime a player disconnects during a match, their League Points will be deducted as if it was a loss.

Other features include several character balances in "Street Fighter 5's" roster as Capcom explained that these changes were the combined result fo Capcom Pro Tour tournaments, online play, player feedback, and internal testing.

Capcom added that their goal was to ensure a rich, diverse gameplay experience with each character that both players and spectators can enjoy, Capcom Unity reported.

In other news, it seems that "Street Fighter 5" is suffering from server issues this week as social media is running rampant with complaints about the game's servers either failing to load, taking forever to find online matches and randomly kicking players that are lucky enough to get on.

Capcom was aware of the situation and it is currently under investigation at the momment. Capcom quickly made an apology for the gaming fans and will make sure to update them on the cause of the server issues, EventHubs reported.

Akuma will be the latest DLC character for "Street Fighter 5" before the year ends with more DLC fighters to be announced for next year. Other features include his story content and the Premium Battle and Nostalgia outfits. Capcom has also revealed that five other characters will follow Akuma in 2017. A season pass to unlock all six characters as they are released goes on sale on Dec. 20 for $29.99. Season pass holders get an exclusive PS4 theme as well.

"Street Fighter 5" is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.