• Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft Surface Phone (Photo : Twitter / Evleaks)

Recent whispers claimed that Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 is delayed to September 2017 to match Apple's iPhone 8.

Dubbed as an iPhone killer, the rumoured Microsoft Surface Phone is expected to boast some amazing features such as Snapdragon 835, Windows 10 Mobile Redstone and 6GB of RAM that will make it a real threat to iPhone.

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It is possible that Microsoft will go with this release window strategy in order to prove that the new Surface Phone can take on iPhone 8, which is rumoured to come with revolutionary specs and features.

All eyes are on Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 thanks to the success of the company's Surface Pro line. Microsoft was once not fruitful in incepting the smartphone market as majority of users and developers favored iOS and Android operating systems. However, things may change next year and Windows Phone-based smartphones may take front and center.

One of the major features of the upcoming smartphone is Continuum that allows Windows devices to adapt automatically on changes and situation. For smartphones, it can be transformed into a miniature CPU by simply attaching a monitor, keyboard, and a mouse either via wire or Bluetooth, according to Windows Central. Moreover, it supports x68 applications, which means it can run desktop apps.

Microsoft Surface Phone 2017 will be powered by Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 835 processor, which is known to come with a 30 percent increase in area efficiency and 27 percent improvement in performance as well as consuming up to 40 percent less power, according to The Droid Review.

Other features of the forthcoming smartphone are 6GB RAM that will boost its performance and Quick charging 4.0 functionality that will make charging the device faster. Although Microsoft acquired Nokia, the company will reportedly leave out some of the famous Nokia Lumia features. The other model on the other hand, is likely to have 4GB RAM, and also to be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor. The surface phone runs the 64-bit Windows 10 Mobile variant.