• ‘Dragon Ball Super’ news: Masako Nozawa receives Guinness World Records for the longest time voicing Son Goku

‘Dragon Ball Super’ news: Masako Nozawa receives Guinness World Records for the longest time voicing Son Goku (Photo : YouTube/mais loko que o batman)

Akira Toriyama's "Dragon Ball Z" series sequel is no doubt the golden era of his anime masterpiece as it followed the adult life of its main character, Son Goku. It's also a notable mention that its distinct artwork and fast-paced animation also made it even more appealing to fans sending it to global renown. Now that the series has been tapped yet again to amaze the new generation of viewers through "Dragon Ball Super," one of the former artists for "DBZ" speaks up about the current installment of the insanely powered anime series.  

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Former "DBZ" animator, Masaki Sato sat down with Latino website Hobby Consolas and talked about his time working on Toriyama's famed anime including his thoughts about "Dragon Ball Super's" animation. When asked about the latter, Sato replied that "Super" does not give him the feeling that he felt with "DBZ." He further explained that he often reads the Manga version of the series back then in order for him to be oriented with current low down of the story.  

Sato went on saying that the new series was not taken from any Manga adaptation and has expressed his uncertainty with the show and where is it heading. Moreover, the animator even pointed out that both Vegeta and Son Goku's powers may have gone too far this time leaving the rest of the Z-Warriors to seem like bit players.   

It was noted by Attack of the Fanboy earlier this year about "Super's" bad animation especially with its fifth episode where Son Goku is having a sparring session with Lord Beerus. Nevertheless, one of "Dragon Ball's" former showrunners - Norihiro Hayashida, came to the show's defense saying that such panning has gone way out of hand and added that fans should look at the entirety of the new show rather than focus on some of its scenes.  

Meanwhile, episode 71 of Dragon Ball Super has been dished out featuring Son Goku's death through Hit's "invisible killing strike."  However, the preview for episode 72 dubbed "Will there be a counterattack?! The invisible killing strike!" showcases Son Goku battling Hit, though, the latter is gaining the upper hand. Moreover, the final clip shows a surprised and startled Hit as he sees Lord Beerus.