• Red Mage is a character in 'Final Fantasy XIV' Stormblood expansion.

Red Mage is a character in 'Final Fantasy XIV' Stormblood expansion. (Photo : YouTube/Zeyphr Darkshadow)

"Final Fantasy 14" expansion release date has been finally revealed during the annual "Final Fantasy XIV" Fan Fest in Tokyo. The 2017 "Stormblood" expansion is expected to include new job options, including the Red Mage another speculated mysterious Samuria class. 

After two months since it was announced last October, Square Enix finally revealed some details on their upcoming 2017 expansion for PC and PS4 MMO "Final Fantasy XIV, Stormblood." "Stormblood" will be released on June 20, 2017. The said expansion will be preceded by a series of major patches to launch 3.5, which concludes the events of "Heavensward" and starts the events of "Stormblood," according to GameRant.  

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Apart from the reported release date of "Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood" expansion, Square Enix Executive Officer, Naoki Yoshida aka Yoshi-P, likewise introduced to audiences and gaming enthusiasts another Christmas treat apart from the expansion itself. The upcoming "Final Fantasy" expansion update will be introducing new class or job options for "FFXIV" gaming enthusiasts, according to PC Games N. 

The expansion will include the Red Mage as a job option for players to choose. For that simple reason, Red Mage suddenly became a character of interest being described by many as a kind of feisty with a rad attitude while wielding a rapier and magic together.

In like manner, another job option for the upcoming new classes has been speculated during the event. Although there was no minute detail has been given by Yoshi-P, audiences had their own interpretation of the character tease for "Final Fantasy XIV" expansion. One of the most prominent theories for the mysterious character is the Samurai class.

The shirt worn by Yoshi-P during the event somehow foreshadows the character to be introduced next to the Red Mage. The shirt which featured Spider-Man has been linked to the popular Japanese samurai version of Spider-Man.

However, there is still no assurance or general hint of what is to come after the Red Mage during the upcoming release of "'Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood" expansion on June 20, 2017. Watch the Red Mage character introduction here: