• "The Sims 5" could debut in 2019 with virtual reality and/or 360-degree technology to offset the poor showing of "The Sims 4".

"The Sims 5" could debut in 2019 with virtual reality and/or 360-degree technology to offset the poor showing of "The Sims 4". (Photo : Getty Image/Dan R. Krauss)

“The Sim 5” needs to come up with something big once it comes out in the market and the belief is that EA will be adding virtual reality and/or 360-degree flavors once it is ready for deployment. The anticipated date of release for the fifth installment is 2019.

EA continues to make up for “The Sims 4” lackluster performance, rolling out additional content via the DLC route. The last one to come out was the “Holiday Celebration Pack”, a new add-on perfect for the holiday season.

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With the “Holiday Celebration Pack” for “The Sims 4,” gamers got treated to new stuff such as a holiday table, fireplace, nutcrackers and a centerpiece. All players have to do is right-click on the game title and select Update. The complete patch notes are available on Sims Community Info.

The “Holiday Celebration Pack” follows the paid expansion pack “City Living” which went live back in November. The add-on provided gamers a challenge on how to survive the urban lifestyle, aside from new items and stuff they could do in the city.

EA has been trying its best to cover up their losses which could very well dictate when “The Sims 5” will happen. The initiative may be good but the fact is players will not be satisfied with new content for long.

Looking ahead with “The Sims 5”, improved graphics rendering is something that EA could be working on. Virtual reality is possible, depending on how the technology holds up moving forward.

Aside from that, there is also the possibility of seeing 360-degree technology which could expand the potential gameplay for “The Sims 5. But investing in such would require big budgets, something EA may be wary of following the poor performance of “The Sims 4”.

Some life-simulation gamers aired their opinions on virtual reality integration, some claiming that this is something that is not needed. Instead, a combination of the previous installments including “The Sims 4” would have been better according to The Sims Forums.

EA has two more years to work on a potential “The Sims 5”, assuming they follow the same five-year intervals for “The Sims” releases. For now, added content for “The Sim 4” will have to suffice.

While all that is in the planning stages, check out the “City Living” expansion pack for “The Sims 4” here: