• A concept image of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 shows the laptop with a rechargeable stylus.

A concept image of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 shows the laptop with a rechargeable stylus. (Photo : YouTube/CTNtechnology News)

There is no solid confirmation yet from Microsoft on when exactly the Surface Pro 5 release date is happening but one was seemingly provided by giant online retailer Amazon, which now offers the Surface Pro 4 £75 cheaper or roughly $92 less from the regular sticker price.

The Amazon UK deal as the usual case in the past seems to suggest of an inventory-clearing move that normally is followed by the arrival of a new model. If indeed Microsoft is accelerating on its plan to push out the remaining stocks of the SP4 then it makes sense that the much-awaited touchdown of the Surface Pro 5 could happen real soon. But to be clear, this is not set in stone.

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What is certain is that before the Pro 5 hits the market, its immediate predecessor will certainly become more budget-friendly and as mentioned above buyers of the Surface Pro 4 in the United Kingdom stand to get nearly $100 discount a pop. According to GSM Arena, the Intel Core m3 SP4 variant still sells for £749 as far as Microsoft's online store is concerned so the promo deal appears to be an Amazon exclusive in that part of the world.

And there was mention of a deadline for the deal so the price discount seems a permanent mark down. But just to be safe, it will be prudent to take advantage of the promo as things can change real quick on such matters, GSM Arena said on its report.

Or fans of the Surface brand can hold out for a few more months and have their patience rewarded by the step up that is the Surface Pro 5. Rumors have it that the SP5 will likely benefit from the recently announced partnership between Microsoft and chipmaker Qualcomm. The deal will see ARM-based chips powering Windows 10 devices, indicating that OEMs on the platform and certainly Surface tablets and smartphones will have the upcoming Snapdragon 835 SoC as main engine.

This paints a scenario of the Surface Pro 5 rocking the same SD 835 mobile chip, which translates to the 2-in-1 device having the capability to emulate x86 applications with the help of Windows 10's Continuum feature, of course.

Also, Yahoo News reported that the Pro 5 will get an eSIM as among its key feature upgrades. Having eSIM might not be too beneficial for the average users but for the business and professional types the feature will ensure steady internet connectivity while on the go. At best, eSIM promises seamless network hopping no matter the location of the SP5 user.

Microsoft has indicated that there will be Surface hardware refreshes to follow its next big Windows 10 update. And that would be by March 2017 so fans can expect that following the Windows 10 Creators Update (aka Redstone 2) rollout in the month, the Surface Pro 5 release date will soon follow.