• Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter star in the Disney channel series 'Girl Meets World.'

Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter star in the Disney channel series 'Girl Meets World.' (Photo : YouTube/Promos and Previews)

"Girl Meets World" cast member Rider Strong's earlier statement about the Disney Channel series' Season 4 cancellation surprised many fans. Recently, the show's writing team shared their thoughts about the actor's statement and the fate of the series on social media.

The Disney show's writing team recently posted several messages on Twitter to clarify Strong's comment that the upcoming final episode of "Girl Meets World" Season 3 will mark the end of the series. Posted on Dec. 30, Friday, the writing team stated that Disney has yet to make a decision about the show's Season 4.

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To Strong's credit, "Girl Meets World" will indeed end in January given the remaining three episodes of Season 3, according to the show's writers. The writing team even poked fun at Strong and his character Shawn Hunter, who is known to have made several wrong moves in the Disney show.

The team also addressed the possibility of a "Girl Meets World" Season 4 cancellation. The writers stated in their Twitter message, "Whatever happens, it has been a great joy to get to continue this story. If it is over, thank you. If not, we will keep giving our best."

Meanwhile, Strong commented during an earlier podcast, as cited by TVLine, how they already finished all the production work for the Disney series' third season. After having directed and starred in several episodes, he claimed that the "show [has] ended."

At this point, it is still unclear if Strong's statement should be taken as a sign of the series' impending cancellation. Disney has yet to reveal its plans for the show.

However, speculations are rife that "Girl Meets World" will not be renewed for another season. Sources told Deadline that Disney Channel has yet to notify the cast and crew members of the show's future but they are expecting the studio to cancel the series.

"Girl Meets World" will air the last three episodes of Season 3 on Jan. 6, Jan. 13 and Jan. 20, 2017 on Disney Channel. Watch a clip from the show's episode 18 below: