• An HIV Prevention Specialist solicits people on the street to take a free HIV test.

An HIV Prevention Specialist solicits people on the street to take a free HIV test. (Photo : Getty Images/ Andrew Burton)

HIV and AIDS cure continues to be the top priority of the every country in the world. Thus, powerful countries like Russia continues to intensify their efforts to reduce HIV/AIDS in their territory by increasing their medication campaign.

Russia experienced a massive increase of cases of HIV/AIDS in 2016. Based on the information released by the head of the Russian state AIDS centre, Vadim Pokrovsky, at least 1 million and possibly as many as 1.5 million Russians were now HIV-positive. To make the matters worse, 70 percent of victims have no access to medication.

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"The epidemic is gathering strength. Unfortunately, the measures that have been taken have clearly not been enough," Independent quoted Pokrovsky as saying.

As an answer to the growing cases of HIV/AIDS in the country, Russia launched this year a campaign to strengthen their fight against the dreaded disease by making HIV and AIDS cure more accessible. For the purpose of distributing medications accurately, the Federal Register of HIV patients has been launched to help provide patients with medicine, according to Health Ministry Spokesman Oleg Salagai.

"Any individual diagnosed with HIV should be interested in being included in this register since he or she will receive medicine on this basis," Russia Beyond The Headlines quoted Salagai as saying.

The importance of assessing and collecting of HIV/ AIDS patients' information through federal registration has been acknowledged by Russia's Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova. The said methodology would not only help the victims of the infection be adequately treated, but it would mainly streamline the allocation of diagnostic and medical resources.

With the virus continuously proliferating throughout wider society, Russia is in peril of traversing into a generalised HIV epidemic from concentrated epidemic. To date, only around 30 percent of Russia's citizens diagnosed with HIV currently receive the antriretroviral medication. Thus, prompting the government to double their efforts in warding off the infection.

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