• Eileen Balselion is the powerful enchantress introduced in Fairy Tail Chapter 484.

Eileen Balselion is the powerful enchantress introduced in Fairy Tail Chapter 484. (Photo : Youtube/Fairy Tail)

In the upcoming chapter of "Fairy Tail," Lucy will muster some courage to profess her love for Natsu, as the latter battles out life and death. Natsu, who was warned by Igneel that he may die once the merging of his Dragon Seed and dragon counterpart continues.

In chapter 516, fans have seen how mother and daughter, Irene and Erza, clash and fight against each other. Natsu, on the other hand, was warned about him being killed once the merging of his Demon Seed and dragon counterpart becomes successful.

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While taking blows from Erza's attacks, Irene was able to think of a strategy to defeat her estranged daughter. Irene thought she only needed to summon a body of someone who's very similar to her, which is Wendy.

Fans over at Reddit already shared their predictions for the succeeding scenes that will involve Wendy, Irene and Erza. A fan predicted as soon as Irene takes full control of Wendy's body, Erza will be anxious in hurting her friend.

As Erza tries to neglect Wendy, Irene will take advantage of the situation to attack her daughter. After converting Wendy's body size to that of Erza, she will blast Erza with a gust of wind.

On the other hand, Igneel will be seen talking to Natsu, warning him of the death that awaits the fire mage once the fusion becomes successful. The former admitted he thought the merging would be possible if Natsu is at his full strength, but since he is in bad shape, it would take a toll on his physical strength which would cause him death.

Natsu will suddenly feel some warmth on his left side as Lucy and Happy will touch and beg him to fight and survive so they could still go for more adventures. Lucy will suddenly profess how much she have loved Natsu from the start.

For some fans at Manga Pizza, they do not see Irene occupying Wendy's body as an intelligent move. One fan even commented it was a desperate move for Irene's part since she had no other option.

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 517 will be out on Jan. 14, 2017, Thursday. For other predictions and spoilers, check out the video below.