• The iconic logo and tagline of Nokia is displayed along with the potential look of the upcoming Nokia Edge Android smartphone.

The iconic logo and tagline of Nokia is displayed along with the potential look of the upcoming Nokia Edge Android smartphone. (Photo : YouTube/GONE IN 180)

Nokia is confirmed to stage a comeback this 2017 and through HMD Global the Finnish brand will soon be on three Android smartphones and at least one will be of the flagship class. Two feature phones will also be introduced this year as the erstwhile King of Mobile attempts to reclaim its old glory.

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Set to come out soon, according to Android Pure, is the mid-range Nokia E1 that has been certified recently in China. The device is said to bear the model number TA-1000 and will boast of fast-charging capability and superfast internet wireless connection due to the on-board LTE chip.

Out of the box, the Nokia E1 is an Android Nougat handset with likely the 7.1 build of the Google mobile OS powering the device. The same report indicated that the E1 main engine is a Snapdragon 200 series chip though earlier rumors suggested that it will be an SD 600 SoC series that will fire up the device.

If the former is true, RAM support is only at 1GB but if SD 600 will end up muscling the Nokia E1 into life then the device will get 4GB of RAM. The E1 font panel is believed to stretch 5.5-inch but no details yet on the screen resolution though 1080p is not a remote possibility.

In a report, Gadgets 360 said Nokia will also release a 5.2-inch handset that likely is geared for the mass market. It's possible that the device will get the SD 200 SoC series mentioned above with 1GB of RAM. The specs alone indicate that this Nokia handset will be the cheapest of the Android device that will come from HMD Global.

And there has to be the much-awaited Nokia flagship push this 2017 and per the same report it will be the Nokia D1C, which likely will be revealed this week via the CES 2017 gadget show in Las Vegas. The rumored specs circulating so far point to a premium breed that the D1C will be - Snapdragon 835 SoC or the same chip to power the Samsung Galaxy S8, 6GB of RAM and a 23-megapixel rear camera shooter.

No pricing details yet on the Nokia Android phones above but for sure the company's upcoming feature phones - the Nokia 150 and Nokia 150 Dual - will be on the cheap zone. According to The Sun, "the new devices will be cheap but durable," adding that the mobile devices "are built to last and promise the same battery power from the good old Nokia 3310 days."

As if to sweeten the deal, Nokia said the two variants of the Nokia 150 will boast nearly a day of talk time and a month of battery on standby mode. For retro treat, the devices will come packed with Nitro Racing and Snake classic games on their early 2017 release date.