• Mass Suicide

Mass Suicide (Photo : World Wire News/YouTube)

A video shot inside a Beijing subway has gone viral on Chinese social media. The incident reportedly happened on Dec. 26 when several people inside Beijing Metro drank milky white liquid believed to be poisonous.

Subway Passengers Scared

After the eight people, made up of three men and five women sipped on the unknown liquid, they collapsed to the coach’s floor which scared the other subway passengers. After they collapsed, the liquid spilled on the subway coach’s floor.

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The subway operator called the police who brought the unconscious people out of the subway coach and rushed them to the hospital, Shanghaiist reports. Some passengers immediately left the carriage where the incident occurred and transferred to the next coach because also of the pungent smell in the cabin where the eight ingested pesticide inside bottles.

Victims of Financial Fraud

The eight were reportedly stock traders who were victimized by a financial fraud and caused them to fall in debt and become desperate. Outside of Epoch Times and Shanghaiist, other Chinese media did not report the incident. The eight allegedly complained to the government about the fraud, but the authorities reportedly did nothing about their complaint, Asiaone reported.

No one among the eight died from the mass suicide try, but four of them have suffered from serious poisoning. Because of the fraud wherein they lost everything, their families shunned or avoided the victims. The China Business Journal noted the higher incidents of fraudulent loans. The latest one is $4.9 billion worth of fraudulent loans discovered by the Bank of Liuzhou in 2015. The huge debt was accumulated by one borrower when the bank was run by the bank’s former head, the new chairman at Liuzhou Bank discovered, IBT reported.