• Windows Holographic VR Headset

Windows Holographic VR Headset

Microsoft announced at its Windows 10 event in late October that it had big plans for virtual reality (VR) products. The Development Edition of its HoloLens augmented reality (AR)/VR headset has been featured in many applications including one for the block-building game "Minecraft." Lenovo is using Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 to show off the first Windows 10 VR headset.

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This update is in line with Microsoft's Windows 10 event. The tech giant revealed that original equipment manufacturers (OEM) would develop mid-range VR headsets to work with application program interfaces (API) in Windows 10.

Microsoft also shared the price tag of the VR headsets would be about $300. That is appreciably higher than the $20 Google Cardboard but also fairly low since it provides room-scale VR.

The price is much lower than the $799 HTC Vive and $599 Oculus Rift. Lenovo's new headset also weighs just 350 grams (12.3 ounces) compared to the HTC Vive's 555g (19.5 oz.). It will also be about 100g (3.5 oz.) lighter than Oculus Rift, according to Engadget.  

The Chinese tech company's VR headset has a design like Sony's PlayStation VR. That is because the lenses hang over the user's eyes rather than a strap holding them in place.

Lenovo's VR headset with OLED panels uses 1440p x 1440p resolution. That is the standard for the Windows Holographic platform and is higher than Vive and Rift.

The new VR gadget will also support inside-out, six degrees-of-freedom tracking. An external camera will therefore not be needed.

The new headset will probably include HoloLens apps. They require the unit's two front cameras that end the need to set up light posts in the room for tracking, and might also allow for live video to stream to the two mini screens.    

Lenovo plans to price its VR headset in the range of $300 to $400. It hopes, however, the price will be closer to $300, according to Digital Trends.  

The Chinese company has not released a launch date yet for the VR headset although it will ship in 2017. This OEM VR headset could be the first Windows-powered headset to earn big sales in the VR market.

Lenovo was founded in 1984. It manufactures several tech products including desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. 

Here's "Minecraft" for HoloLens: