• Ronda Rousey gets escorted away by security following her knockout loss to Amanda Nunes last Dec. 30, 2016 at UFC 207.

Ronda Rousey gets escorted away by security following her knockout loss to Amanda Nunes last Dec. 30, 2016 at UFC 207. (Photo : Getty Images/Christian Petersen)

Ronda Rousey unexpectedly succumbed to her second straight loss in the Octagon following almost a year's absence from the sport. Shockingly, some people close to Rousey claimed that it seemed that she was in a state of depression after her two losses. To take advantage of these claims, a fake news site published reports that Rousey was found dead in her home.

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The fake source claims that the UFC star was found lying unconscious in her home's bathtub during a routine wellness check. The source adds that the cause of death was an apparent suicide. To make matters worse, the website that posted these fake claims even appropriated the name of a popular and trustworthy news site to make their claims seem more believable.

The name of the website that published the fake news story is USA Today News, which is confusingly close to USA Today, a far more believable source. The article about Rousey supposed death was then picked up on a number of social media sites such as Twitter, which increased the hoax's animosity. However, no credible source has yet to report such a tragic incident happening to one of MMA's brightest talents, according to Snopes.

 What credible news sites are reporting on though, is how Rousey could possibly make a comeback to MMA after losing in such jaw dropping fashion. Reigning UFC women's bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes knocked her out in the span of merely 48 seconds. The most important thing that Rousey should concentrate on now is not getting caught up on the hype that surrounds her.

Prior to her first loss, one of her coaches spoke glowingly of her stand up game even though it was obvious that it needed much more improvement, Yahoo Sports reported. So surprisingly, Rousey engaged her then challenger Holly Holm in a boxing match instead of taking her to the ground to lock in her favorite armbar. This resulted to her getting knocked out, receiving her first loss, and losing her title.

While fight fans hope that Rousey will make a return to fighting, this is highly unlikely. Rousey's endorsement deals, movie appearances, as well as her possible focus on the world of professional wrestling should all be taken into account first.

Watch UFC commentator Joe Rogan break down Rousey's loss to Nunes below: