• Bromance Moments

Bromance Moments (Photo : Twitter/SJK Official SG FC)

“Descendants of the Sun” actor Song Joong-ki just had some bromance moments with close friend “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” actor Park Bo Gum at the 2016 KBS Drama Awards. However, in the ongoing 12th Annual Soompi Awards, he and co-star Jin Goo are leading in the Best Bromance category.

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On Wednesday, “Doctors” actor Kim Min Suk had some very nice words about Song Joong-ki which could be viewed by their followers as another bromance moment for the two actors. The actor said at the “Night of Real Entertainment” show of SBS that when he used to live at Busan, he considered himself handsome.

First Impression

“But when I saw Song Joong Ki, I thought to myself, ‘Wow.’ Anyone else I saw, I also thought they were really handsome,” Soompi quoted Kim Min Suk who was the New Star awardee at the 2016 SAF SBS Drama Awards. It seems army training has done Song Joong-ki some good because it enhanced his masculine features which got him the “Descendants of the Sun” role and extreme popularity afterward not only in Korea but also in China and other parts of Asia.

However, it is not just for the 31-year-old actor for whom Kim Min Suk has kind words. He pointed to his grandmother who took care of him. Besides thanking her in his acceptance speech, he revealed that in his mobile phone, he saved her contact name as “Hal-Mang-Gu” which is an adorable way of calling a grandmother in Korean language.

Shaved Head

In the same show, Kim Min Suk admitted feeling stressed by the shaving of his head scene in “Doctors.” He shared, “Reporters have asked, ‘Did I not worry even once?’ Honestly, how could I not have worried? But the more I worried, I got angry at myself.”

Meanwhile, Song Joong-ki’s bromance with Park Bo-gum continues after he posted their photos together in his latest Instagram post which got more than 100,000 likes in two days.