• Jo In Sung & Song Joong-ki

Jo In Sung & Song Joong-ki (Photo : JoinSung3D House Vietnam/YouTube)

Korean actor Jo In Sung is listed by an entertainment website as one of the seven actors paired with 2016 KBS Drama Awards Grand Excellence (Daesang) co-awardee Song Hye Kyo for her role in “Descendants of the Sun.”

But it turns out Jo In Sung, her leading man in the 2013 the Korean TV series “That Winter, The Wind Blows,” has his own bromance moments with Song Hye Kyo’s “Descendants of the Sun” leading man Song Joong-ki, Soompi reported. In his guesting a MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” where he promoted his forthcoming movie “The King” which would premier on Jan. 18, Jo In Sung joked that Song Joong-ki failed to acknowledge him in his acceptance speech at the 2016 KBS Drama Awards.

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Trip to Thailand

Jo In Sung recalled he gave Soong Joong-ki a trip to Thailand as a gift after actor’s discharge from the military in 2015. He explained, “It’s hard to get your passport renewed when it comes time for you to go to the military. I’m sure Joong Ki went through that too, so I took him on a trip.” The two were cast members of “Running Man” which explains their male bonding.

But because the teary-eyed Song Joong-ki was overwhelmed by the award, he surely failed to mention a lot of other people who have been instrumental in his rise to his current status as the most popular actor not only in South Korea but throughout Asia, particularly China. More than 1 billion views were reported when the 16-episode “Descendants of the Sun” was aired from late February through mid-April over iQiyi simultaneously when KBS 2TV aired the drama.

Excluded from Acceptance Speech

“I wasn’t included in his acceptance speech. I guess I’m not someone he’s grateful for,” Jo In Suk joked. But he clarified that he is so happy things went so well for Song Joong-ki who admitted the reason behind his tears during the award ceremony was he recalled the set of “Descendants of the Sun” which they shot in Korea and Greece, Soompi reported.

Both Song Joong-ki and actor Park Bo Gum, also a bromance partner, cried during the award ceremony while Song Hye Kyo was laughing. Besides sharing a bromance moment with the “Moonlight Draw by Clouds” actor, Song Joong-ki was described by another bromance partner, “Doctor” actor Kim Min Suk as handsome.

It seems Korean men are not afraid of openly expressing their admiration for other men that a new MBC drama titled “Missing 9” would have bromance as its theme. Besides Song Joong-ki, Jo In Sung also cited “The King” co-star Jung Woo Sung” as having good looks. He said, “He has good looks that come once every 100 years or so. Jung Woo Sung has a face that should be protected like a national treasure.”