• iOS 10.2 beta version with new emojis running on a iPhone.

iOS 10.2 beta version with new emojis running on a iPhone. (Photo : YouTube/EverythingApplePro)

First the good news - Luca Todesco's Yalu iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak will soon make a jump to version 10.2 but not everyone will get a hold of the initial release. That's the bad news - the next Yalu JB tool update will not apply on the iPhone 7 series, and this was confirmed by the jailbreak creator himself.

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Todesco has yet to indicate a definite release date for the 10.2 jailbreak but he assured in a new Twitter post that "my fix for the issues in the 10.1 jailbreak will be to add support to 10.2." Sadly though, the work for unveiling soon will be incomplete. "It will however not work on iPhone 7 on 10.2, just 10 and 10.1," WCCFTech reported the iOS security researcher as saying.

If it's any consolation, the latest iPhone flagship is supported by Todesco's earlier Yalu jailbreak release, which the hacker has recently expanded to include the iPhone SE and iPhone 6S series with TSMC chips as supported iOS devices, with the possibility of adding the iPhone 6 and 5S soon.

But it should be noted that the Yalu 10.1.1 jailbreak remains in beta so JB fans with no developer experience are advised to keep out for now. It's unclear too if Todesco will still work on the final build of the same JB tool given his plan to release a crack on iOS 10.2.

So what to do now in light of the imminent 10.2 jailbreak release promised by Todesco. First off, this confirmed that it is safe to upgrade to the official Apple version of the software and afterwards, WCCFTech highly recommends going to the route of clean restore.

Performing this via iTunes is walk in the park, the report said, adding that the procedure should be a nice start to prepare for the next jailbreak opus coming from Todesco. Then there are the necessary precautions and foremost of which is to keep a safe distance from the official iOS updates to be delivered by Apple.

Reports have indicated that beta 1 of iOS 10.3 will touchdown January 10 then by Monday next week, version 10.2.1 will be most likely deployed. If one is planning to enjoy the jailbreak experience that Todesco will soon dispense then the wise thing to do stay away from these jailbreak killers. It is expected the upcoming iOS updates will lead to jailbreak lock out.

Then just sit and wait for the Yalu iOS 10.2 jailbreak from Todesco and if luck would have it, the release date will happen real soon. And if luck smiles even more, there'll be a separate iOS 10. 2 jailbreak release - the one teased recently by Stefan Esser aka @i0n1c that possibly Team Pangu will provide.