• Disney's Own Media Streaming Box

Disney's Own Media Streaming Box (Photo : IGN/Youtube)

Disney will launch a small streaming box that is capable of playing games along with movies, TV shows, and music. The Disney Kids TV box is the first well-designed streaming box to play games on TV preloaded with Disney media.

The Tom's Guide reported that the Disney Kids TV Box can stream movies and TV shows, play games and play music. Disney Kids TV Box was made by a consumer electronic company which specializes in gaming hardware under the name of Peripheral Company Snakebyte. There are thousands of channels and refined searches that the Disney Kids TV Box offers underneath the powerful hardware.

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Disney Kids TV Box will use Bluetooth controller to play the games. There is an optional Disney-branded game controller which is available for $39. The Kids TV Box has no parental control as reported. However, parents should guide their kids. The UI of the kid's box has bright vibrant colors. The Disney Kids TV Box themes are Frozen, The Avengers and Disney Kids.

Disney Kids will target a much younger audience and designed specifically with kids in mind. They make use on a modified version of Google's Android TV operating system that allows users to stream content from range channels or play content from a connected external storage device.  It also comes with a child-friendly interface. 

According to Disney Life, the Kids TV box will be available sometime in 2017. The box will cost $99 which comes with a free uploaded Disney movies, TV shows, and games. It will be able to play 4K video and stream films as well.  The Disney Kids TV Box has the ability to download anything from the Google Play store. Disney announced a $99 streaming box that capable for Android games.

Disney exclaimed that the Kids TV Box is perfect for family and the world's best entertainment gadget in a simple and safe online environment. Disney Kids TV Box is powerful enough to deliver complex games and streaming videos which make the devices ideal for the entire family.