• Children Undergo Stringent Educational Program At China's West Point

Children Undergo Stringent Educational Program At China's West Point (Photo : Cancan Chu)

Because of China’s one-child policy, a lot of kids are spoiled brats who always want to get their way. One such child is a 10-year-old Guangzhou boy who has been recorded kicking his mother five times because she did not allow him to play with the smartphone.

The eight-second video, which became viral in China’s social media, was taken at a hospital in the province. The video, reposted on YouTube, has almost 150,000 views in one day. Besides the kick, the footage also shows the grandmother attempting to protect the mother from the boy’s kicks, Shanghaiist reported.

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Little Emperors

Such children are referred to as little emperors because they are used to get everything they want and lack discipline. Netizens were disgusted by the behavior of the boy and the video elicited calls for better disciplining of Chinese children.

Some netizens blamed the parents for allowing the situation to happen by not teaching the boy how to behave. Others said if the boy was their son, they would beat the kid to discipline him.

Museum of Glass Incident

The inability of Chinese parents to discipline their kids is further demonstrated in May 2016 article on Shanghaiist which showed two kids destroying an art piece at the Shanghai Museum of Glass while their smiling mothers were even recording the destruction on their cellphones. The naughty kids – a boy and a girl – broke the pair of angel wings art installation titled “Angel is Waiting” which has been displayed by the museum since 2014.

It is ironic that China, which also has a lot of viral videos showing adults being cruel to kids, can also go on the extreme end and tolerate children’s naughtiness by not teaching their kids proper behavior in public and private settings.