• Apple Inc. keeps updating its iOS 11 firmware ahead of its release this summer 2017.

Apple Inc. keeps updating its iOS 11 firmware ahead of its release this summer 2017. (Photo : YouTube/EverythingApplePro)

As the work continues toward a public jailbreak on iOS version 10.2, which hacker Luca Todesco recently confirmed will soon touchdown, devs are ramping up on their support of iOS 10.1, somehow indicating that the next jailbreak release is about to happen. Reports said jailbreak tweaks Activator, FlipSwitch and FlipControlCenter have been bumped up to beta support the YaluX jailbreak v. 10.1.1.

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Dubbed as essentials for an optimal jailbreak experience, the jailbreak tweaks from dev Ryan Petrich have been updated to preliminary support version 10.1. The tweaks are in beta build, indicating that Petrich intends to finalize his work at around the same time that the Todesco Yalu jailbreak is completed. When is that happening remains unknown.

Yet for now, the Petrich JB tweaks even in beta release should excite jailbreak fans, according to iDownloadBlog.com. The updating of the tools no doubt points to bigger things bound to take place soon.

And getting the Petrich tweaks, that is adding them manually to Cydia, is quite easy, per the quick guide shared by WCCFTech. The first thing to do is launch Cydia on a jailbroken iPhone/iPad and pull up the Sources tab.

Then tap the Edit and Add button in order to enter this URL: http://rpetri.ch/repo/, which is the repository of Petrich's jailbreak tweaks. When the Add Source button is clicked, Cydia will surely load the Activator, FlipSwitch and FlipControlCenter, which according to WCCFTech is a process that will require some minutes.

When confirmed that the Petrich jailbreak tweaks have been loaded to Cydia, users are advised to check if the latest beta versions were in fact added. The checklist should look like this:

  • FlipControlCenter 1.0.4~beta1 or later
  • Activator 1.9.11~beta3 or later
  • FlipSwitch 1.0.15~beta1 or later

Users are advised though that Activator is not fully supported on iOS 10, meaning there are features of the tweaks that were deactivated for now, which Petrich said was for safety and stability purposes. As for FlipSwitch and FlipControlCenter, the creator gave assurance that the tools will fully function as designed.

And more so when Todesco finally wraps up his Yalu jailbreak project, which iDB said will soon be updated from version 10.1 to 10.2. But on release date, the iOS 10.2 jailbreak will work only on specific devices as Todesco warned that initially the JB tool cannot be applied on the iPhone 7 series.