• Roman Reigns taunts his opponent during an interview in an episode of Monday Night Raw.

Roman Reigns taunts his opponent during an interview in an episode of Monday Night Raw. (Photo : YouTube/WWE)

The WWE has been trying put over Roman Reigns in the past three years but to no avail. He main evented two straight WrestleManias but it really did not work. The latest rumors imply that Reigns could be headlining WrestleMania 33 but is it the right decision?

Since The Shield broke up in 2014, the WWE has pushed Reigns as the company's next great babyface. However, all of their hard work and plans did not pay off as the fans rebelled against him. Reigns still gets booed by more than half of the live audience.

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Daniel Bryan putting him over did not work during the Road to WrestleMania 31. The WWE also tried giving him the underdog pushed but it failed since Reigns is not a sympathetic character. The company was onto something when he beat up Triple H at the end of 2015.

However, the WWE went back to their old ways last year. Reigns defeated Triple H at the main event of WrestleMania 32 but the hype was not there. The match was one of the worst of the year and Reigns did not get over. His suspension in July and demotion to the midcard did not help either.

This year, the WWE might be doing the same thing again. As recapped by WWE.com, Chris Jericho defeated Reigns to become the new United States champion. The fans liked the idea of Jericho winning the title but they believe that Reigns will now win the Universal championship at the Royal Rumble.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer (subscription required), the WWE is looking for a big main event at WrestleMania 33. One of the possible main events is Reigns vs. The Undertaker. The match is easy to make with Reigns winning the title and The Undertaker winning the Royal Rumble.

Reigns has also been linked with a match against Braun Strowman but nothing is confirmed at the moment. However, the only bad thing for the WWE is to make the same mistake and push Reigns once again at WrestleMania 33.

The WWE recently asked fans about who they want to see main event WrestleMania 33. A.J. Styles won via landslide while Reigns barely got enough votes, per Bleeding Cool. The WWE immediately took down the survey and pretended that fans actually care about "The Big Dog."

Nevertheless, the WWE will do what's best for business even though it's not what the fans want. But the WWE Universe has the power to alter the company's plans. For more WWE news, rumors and updates, just follow me on Twitter @johnnyrundown.