• Sony Interactive Entertainment reveals the latest PlayStation 4 Slim Glacier White video console system.

Sony Interactive Entertainment reveals the latest PlayStation 4 Slim Glacier White video console system. (Photo : YouTube/PlayStation EU)

The PlayStation 4 Slim Glacier White model will be coming to Europe, Japan, and Asia soon. Japan will also get a new DualShock 4 controller on a later date.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced on their official website in a statement that they will be launching a Glacier White color variation of the PS 4 Slim. This will be launched across Europe, Japan, and Asia, but there was no announcement for the Americas at this moment.

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The Glacier White color variation of the PS4 Slim in Europe will launch in a 500GB model, and it will be released in Jan. 24 with a price tag of $316. In Japan, it will launch in 500GB model for $258 only and the 1TB model for $301 only and it will be launched on Feb. 23.

The model for this PS4 Slim is the CUH-2000 series, which is famous for its slimmer and lighter form compared to the original version of the PS4. The main processor of the video game console system is a single-chip custom processor with a CPU of x86-64 AMD Jaguar, and a GPU of 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon based graphics engine. It will have a memory of GDDR5 8GB and two storage sizes of 500GB and 1TB that can be expanded to the owners' convenience.

The specific dimensions of the PS4 Slim series are approximately 265 by 39 by 288 mm, and it has a mass of only 2.1 kg. It has other advantages like the power consumption of a maximum of 165 watts only, and it has a cooler operating temperature compared to the original version.

On the official Japanese website of PlayStation, Japan will get a standalone Glacier White DualShock 4 controller that can be purchased together with the release of the Glacier White PS4 Slim. Users can purchase the Glacier White DS4 controller for only $51.54 plus taxes.

Another DS4 controller will be launched on March 9, and it will have the Green Camouflage motif design. It will be the first camouflage pattern for the DS4 controller series, which is the CUH-ZCT 2. It will be launched with a limited supply for only $55.88 in Japan, and it will launch together with the Ubisoft's upcoming open-world video game "Ghost Recon Wildlands." 

Check out the Glacier White PS4 video below: