• John Cena comes face to face with his Royal Rumble opponent AJ Styles on an episode of WWE Smackdown.

John Cena comes face to face with his Royal Rumble opponent AJ Styles on an episode of WWE Smackdown. (Photo : YouTube/WWE)

It has been a long time coming, but the WWE has finally introduced a new title and belt to bestow upon the first ever WWE United Kingdom Champion. The champion will be crowned after a grueling 16-man tournament taking place from Jan. 14 to 15.

The tournament will feature various WWE stars from the UK, including the likes of Pete Dunne and Trent Seven. While the 16 men in this tournament all have a shot, there are some favorites. One of the favorites in the entire competition is Tyson T-Bone from Worcestershire, England.

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T-Bone's in-ring style mostly consists of brawling, but his grappling skills are certainly amongst the best in the competition. His go big or go home attitude has driven him to win titles at various professional wrestling competitions. He is now hoping that doing whatever it takes to win will also bring him success in the WWE.

At 35 years old, T-Bone may be at the peak of his abilities as a professional wrestler. He is already considered a veteran by most fans as well as his peers in UK wrestling promotions. In an interview with the Mirror, T-Bone revealed he appreciates the faith that the WWE has placed in UK-based wrestlers.

"I think it's amazing. I think the fact they're prepared to have that much faith in the UK right now means that they've sat there, they've studied and they've realized how much potential there is in this country," he said in the interview. He respects the WWE for not only investing in the UK to make more money. He values that they are developing wrestlers in the UK to bring over to the United States and become wrestling superstars.

T-Bone is not only an accomplished wrestler, but he also has played a part in training up and comers. He has been training to become one of the world's best for over a decade. Now it is time for him to showcase his talents in a competition that will be watched by millions across the world.

The tournament will also feature other wrestlers who have been inspired by legends of the sport from a very young age. Other competitors in the tournament include Wolfgang who was inspired by Jake "The Snake" Roberts and the lone Welsh competitor Michael Andrews who was inspired by Shawn Michaels, BBC reported.

Watch WWE's Triple H announce the WWE UK Championship tournament below: