• Barbara Amburgey uses the Iris Acces system to enter New Egypt Elementary School May 1, 2003, in New Egypt, New Jersey.

Barbara Amburgey uses the Iris Acces system to enter New Egypt Elementary School May 1, 2003, in New Egypt, New Jersey. (Photo : Getty Images)

if;">EyeSmart Technology Limited takes the lead in upgrading information technology security in companies of various specializations through the use of one's unique iris patterns. Based in Beijing, the start-up company's security product, capitalizing on iris recognition technology, has been in use by hospitals, airports and banks.

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Founder Wang Xiaopeng elaborated via China Daily that unlike fingerprint or facial recognition, the use of iris recognition technology guarantees lower error rate. Also, iris recognition does not have the same potential risks associated with facial and fingerprint recognition.

For instance, facial recognition may be affected when a person undergoes plastic surgery. Fingerprints, on the other hand, are easy to duplicate.

To date, it is reportedly the most accurate, stable and the safest technology to safeguard personal information. Iris recognition technology does away the need for password, card or physical contact, even in making no-contact payment through smart car or smart home.

According to Digital Journal, iris recognition is a significant approach in identifying individuals. The technology utilizes "mathematical patterns recognition technique" on images of the two irises, which have complex and random patterns that are stable and visible even from a distance.

The prevalence of the Internet and the development of higher technology expose people to higher probability of being a victim of cyber theft and various frauds, which in turn require a more sophisticated information security for protection.

One's iris, said EyeSmart, is unique and does not degenerate and such characteristics make the iris difficult to forge and make one's identity hard to steal.

Using the iris as the primary source of information security is not insurmountable. The company explained it can be used even when a person is six meters far from the hardware.

EyeSmart's iris recognition technology is being utilized by companies engaged in education and finance, as well as by government agencies involved in providing healthcare, public welfare, social security and public security.