• A puppy gets a massage at a doggy spa in China.

A puppy gets a massage at a doggy spa in China. (Photo : YouTube/AP Archive)

Swimming pools, lengthy grooming sessions, and even their own special drink called Puppiccinos—these are just some of the perks that pampered pets in China get from their owners. And while some might think it extravagant, for other people, this unique way of caring for their pets is a normal way of life.

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In recent years, the Chinese middle and upper classes have come to be a part of this luxurious pet culture previously only seen in the west. Pet owners Nick and his wife, Jamie, spoke with the Global Times and said that their seven cats and one dog are considered as members of the family.

In addition to feeding and grooming their pets, the couple has taken it a few steps further by renovating their home to accommodate their fur babies. They have also built a lap pool for their dog’s exclusive use.

“Some people go and choose a pet,” said Nick. “We think our little ones chose us. We try to treasure the time we have with them in their rather short lives.”

While Nick and Jamie’s ways may seem excessive to some people, the couple seems positively frugal when compared to the man who owns the most pampered dog in the world.

Last year, it was reported that the most pampered pet in the world belongs to Wang Sicong. He is the only son to China’s richest man, real estate developer Wang Jianlin.

Sicong owns an Alaskan Malamute named Coco, and as seen in pictures published by the Daily Mail, it’s clear that he dotes on his dog.

Coco is regularly given designer bags, Apple iWatches, and cash by her owner. A typical day for the lucky pooch involves cruising around town in Sicong’s Lamborghini and rides on private jets.

For none-pet owners, this type of devotion to one’s pet may seem odd, but it makes sense for affluent pet owners in China.

Founder of International Center for Veterinary Services Mary Peng explained this growing pet culture, saying that in China, most owners think of their pets as children.

“They wish to show them their love by spoiling them,” said Peng.