• Optimus Prime reimagined as a Chinese military commander by digital artist Zhang Wang.

Optimus Prime reimagined as a Chinese military commander by digital artist Zhang Wang. (Photo : Pinterest/Kirk Franklin; Kotaku)

Ever wonder what a Gundam mech would look like when it merges with a Chinese Door God? Or what the Joker would look like as a Terracotta Warrior? Then check out Zhang Wang’s new art works, as the Chinese painter has successfully reimagined elements of traditional Eastern culture mixed with Western pop culture figures in his digital paintings.

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According to the Global Times, Zhang has transformed Batman and Superman into Qin Dynasty soldiers in some of his digital artworks. Instead of the Caped Crusader’s black costume and the Man of Steel’s red cape, both DC heroes now don armor and boots that were a must for soldiers in 221BC.

It was reported that though Zhang’s style still observes the traditional style of painting, his methods are more high tech. While traditional painters in China typically paint on Xuan rice paper with brush and ink, Zhang makes his whimsical creations on his iPad. The images then are manipulated using photo-editing software Photoshop.

Back in 2014, Zhang’s digital artworks were featured in the first set of Chinese stamps featuring “Huangmei Opera.” At the time, the artist told China Daily that digital painting comes with a lot of advantages when it comes to revising certain sections of a particular piece.

“If the work uses traditional ways to paint, any little revision could bring a change of the whole painting,” Zhang said. “But digital painting is a lot different.”

Apart from his Batman, Superman, and Joker digital paintings, Zhang has also turned a “Star Wars” Stormtrooper into a Qing Dynasty soldier. His painting of a Japanese Gundam mech turned Door God is particularly striking, and one could imagine it coming to life in today’s video games.

Though traditionalists would likely be perplexed my Zhang’s work, the artist said that he wants to continue making more digital art and is hoping to introduce Chinese culture overseas with his paintings.