• Seniors enjoying their retirement.

Seniors enjoying their retirement. (Photo : YouTube/CCTV English)

When people think about elder care living facilities, what usually comes to mind is a depressing hospital environment with little options for entertainment. But a new facilitated living community in Shanghai is changing all that, as it promises high-end senior care and luxurious amenities for the elderly.

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According to Shanghai Daily, the newly opened Evergreen Homeland is the first of its kind, as it’s filled with high-end services and amenities designed with the elderly in mind.

Situated in Minhang District, the 150,000-square-meter development can accommodate 1,700 people in its four apartment buildings and six courtyard-style houses.

The living community also has a medical building managed by Shuguang Hospital where residents can receive treatment. The building also reportedly caters to patients with dementia or disabilities.

Apart from the advantages of having a first class medical facility, seniors can enjoy the complex’s 500-seat cinema, organic farm, and workshops. Courses are offered on cooking, calligraphy, pottery, health, and traditional opera, among others.

To ensure residents’ safety and wellbeing, the living community is equipped with a facial recognition system which allows residents to enter their rooms without keys or cards, according to the Global Times. In case a resident has fallen or fainted, an intelligent detection program can sense it and alert medical staff right away.

Seniors can easily communicate with their loved ones through smart television sets which allow them to talk to their children and grandchildren face to face. The complex also boasts a butler service, private chefs, therapists and dieticians.

And if all these weren’t enough, Evergreen Homeland treats its residents to fresh, organic produce sourced from a nearby farm. This ensures that seniors get only the best and healthiest food to meet their daily dietary needs.

To be able to live in the complex, seniors can either purchase a membership or rent an apartment. Membership prices and rental rates have yet to be announced by Evergreen Homeland.