• A concept image of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 shows the laptop with a rechargeable stylus.

A concept image of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 shows the laptop with a rechargeable stylus. (Photo : YouTube/CTNtechnology News)

It is nearly confirmed that Microsoft will release the 2-in-1 Surface Pro 5 after its planned Windows 10 Creators Update rollout come March 2017. And thanks to the OS bump, all devices that will run on Windows 10 will be optimized for gaming experience, and that includes the sequel to the Surface Pro 4.

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The next major Windows 10 update, according a report by MSPowerUser, will add a new feature that appears to appeal on PC hardcore gamers, both on the mobile and traditional computing platform. When 'Game Mode' becomes official its chief objective is to prioritize the delivery of top-notch gaming experience to PC users. Presumably, the feature will be enjoyed by Surface Pro tablet users the same way it is designed for the desktop and laptop.

The same report indicated that Game Mode is now part of Windows 10 Build 15007, which should be a solid confirmation that the feature will make it to the final cut of the operating system's Creators Update (formerly known as Redstone 2). As mentioned, Microsoft plans the update deployment to happen March this year.

It is understood that Game Mode is most beneficial for systems not really designed for gaming, which indicates that Windows 10-powered laptops and tablets will be the machines that will get the most out of the new OS feature.

As seen in the latest Windows 10 build, Game Mode comes with a switch that will allow users to toggle on and off the feature. When shortcut combo Win and G is pressed, a menu will pop up and present users with options on what to do.

Also part of the package is Game Broadcasting and as the name implies, it allows users to share the progress of their game to the rest of the world.

Game Mode is yet to be activated for general Windows 10 users but it's pretty clear that the feature will be green lighted for the Creators Update rollout that Microsoft said will start before the end of March 2017. And prior to that, speculations are rife that the tech giant will give a preview of the upcoming Surface Pro 5, using the MWC 2017 in February as launch platform.

Supply chain rumors from Asia have been saying that on release date, which likely will happen between late March and early April 2017, the Surface Pro 5 will boast of an Ultra HD screen or up to 4K display resolution and an enhanced Surface Pen stylus with magnetic charging features.