• Two medicine bottles are placed just above an HIV positive vaccine sign.

Two medicine bottles are placed just above an HIV positive vaccine sign. (Photo : YouTube/ TheLipTV )

HIV and AIDS cure may seem to be at grasp with the recent development and medical breakthroughs. Although most of the reported potential cures are still being perfected, HIV/ AIDS patients remain hopeful for a definitive cure to be finally realized in the coming years. 

Perhaps one of the most promising ideas concerning HIV and AIDS cure is the concept presented by high school students from Lakota East High School. The students' outside of the box thinking gained attention from experts and HIV/AIDS patients. The concept presented by the students in 2016 mainly involved blocking of the surface receptor to prevent HIV from infecting the body, according to Cincinnati.

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In a same manner, it was also reported in 2016 that a Japanese pharmaceutical may have already discovered a drug that could lead to a dramatic advancement in the conquest against AIDS. The drug developed by Takeda Pharmaceutical is able to suppress the virus to undetectable level, based on a separate report.

Moreover, a previously reported promising advancement with respect to HIV/ AIDS cure and prevention was also given significant importance in 2016 by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This particular medical breakthrough which involved nanotechnology was awarded by the foundation of a $140 million boost.

The said innovation of the Boston-based Intarcia Therapeutics Inc. was started before 2016 and has been continuously attracting interest of experts and philanthropist. Thus, gaining more support and positive feedback in the medical field.

However, despite the advancements that may help manage HIV and AIDS today and in the coming years, the scientific community is still being challenged by the dreaded disease. Definitive HIV and AIDS cure remain to be elusive up to the very moment.

The challenge of curing HIV/AIDS still continues even in this highly sophisticated generation. Challenges concerning the charting, understanding, recording, and elimination of the virus still proliferate, according to amfAR.

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