• Google fans excited to see Android statue

Google fans excited to see Android statue (Photo : Getty images/JEFF PACHOUD)

Android creator Andy Rubin will reportedly release a new line of mobile devices under the label Essential with artificial intelligence or AI as among its core features. While it's unclear if the new phones and tablets will run on Android, they appear to be designed as flagship competitors for the likes of Apple's iPhone and Microsoft's Windows 10-powered Surface Phone.

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Essential, according to Bloomberg, will be AI-centric and in accordance with Rubin's vision that the next big thing in tech is "about data and people training AI systems to learn." Rubin is convinced that AI is next platform to define the digital lifestyle, the report added.

It appears too that the Essential team is now working on a smartphone prototype "with a large edge-to-edge screen that lacks a surrounding bezel," the industrial design obviously to go against the rumored reengineering of both the iPhone 8 and Samsung's Galaxy S8. Both flagship devices are thought to unbox with an all-screen profile or a front panel with the display pushed further to the edge.

Bloomberg said the upcoming Rubin phone will sport a screen measuring beyond the 5.5-inch display of the iPhone 7 Plus but with a relatively smaller build, made possible by the virtual elimination of all screen bezels. The front of the device is no doubt of glass material while the rear is made of ceramic, and serving as the chassis is metal, the report added.

A team of engineers is reportedly developing an Essential-exclusive magnetic device connector that will allow charging up and possible hardware expansion for the flagship device. With the help of the same technology, Rubin envisions the adding of accessories to his upcoming smartphone like that of a camera than can take 360-degree shots.

The report also indicated that Essential is looking to compete in the high-end segment of the market with the goal of disrupting the dominance currently enjoyed by Apple's iPhone and the Galaxy S series from Samsung. When unboxed, it is believed that Rubin's mobile device will be priced close to the level of its flagship rivals or within the $650 mark, Bloomberg said on its report.

Rubin has already presented the Essential flagship phone with telco executives at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas earlier this January, indicating of his plan for partnership in distributing the device. Release date is likely to happen as early as June this year.