• Actor Mark Wahlberg and his brother Paul are expanding Wahlburgers to China.

Actor Mark Wahlberg and his brother Paul are expanding Wahlburgers to China. (Photo : Getty Images)

Mark Wahlberg and his brother Paul Wahlberg will be bringing their family burger franchise, Wahlburgers, to China. Branches are set to open in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Wuhan. The expansion will be done through a joint venture with Cachet Hospitality Group (C.H.G.).

Wahlburgers Asia Pacific has formed another partnership with Naked Hub, a food conglomerate based in Shanghai. The company agreed to open 20 branches of Wahlburgers in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

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In an interview with Mark Wahlberg in Hollywood, the famous actor said: "I really believe in my brother and the experience he provides. It's one thing to have a celebrity concept, and that may get people in the door. But the thing that gets people coming back time and time again . . . is because of the experience my brother provides."

The restaurant's chef, Paul Wahlberg, said that Wahlburgers' new menu in China will keep its authentic American flavor at the same time adapting to the Chinese taste.

The chef said, "I have to go there and to have these really authentic Chinese experience. I'm really looking forward to doing some research to adapt the menu."

The company's website stated that "there is no better feeling than sitting at the table together, sharing good food, a few laughs and lots of love. At Wahlburgers we share a bit of that feeling every day with every guest."

The American franchise describes themselves as "a working class organization, rooted at our family's kitchen table where the only star is the food and the music is laughter and stories."

The site claims, "We embrace loyalty, gratitude, excellence and community, sharing these values in our restaurants every day. We like to have fun. We aim to make our guests smile."