• Nintendo has released a trailer for its open-world sandbox game 'Super Mario Odyssey.'

Nintendo has released a trailer for its open-world sandbox game 'Super Mario Odyssey.' (Photo : YouTube/Nintendo)

Nintendo fans have been waiting almost 15 years for the gaming giant's next open-world Super Mario game. The Japanese company released the sandbox game "Super Mario Sunshine" for its GameCube console in 2002. Its next 3D Mario game titled "Super Mario Odyssey" will be launched for Nintendo Switch in time for this year's holiday shopping season.

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Nintendo announced the news at its Switch event.  The Tokyo event featuring the company's new hybrid console took place on Jan. 12. Nintendo also revealed the Switch will be released on March 3, include a 6.2-inch 1280p x 720p display, and feature up to six hours of battery life (handheld mode) on a single charge.    

The official trailer for "Odyssey" puts Mario in real-life places. It includes a fake version of New York City known as "New Donk City" that has been compared to the life-like graphics of the Grand Theft Auto series.   

The video shows several objects from the Big Apple. They include tall buildings in downtown NYC, people in work clothes walking on sidewalks, and taxi cabs rolling down busy streets.

A surfeit of many lamp posts line the busy streets. Some look like the question blocks from the Mario series' Mushroom Kingdom, according to Digital Trends.   

Airships have mainly been used in the past for Mario's main enemy Bowser. In the new "Odyssey" trailer, however, Mario has his own red and white airship with three propellers and an "M flag" on the aircraft's floor.

The trailer also shows many environments. They include a desert town, dark forest, scary area, and colorful beach area.    

Like most other Super Mario games the new trailer suggests the short plumber's goal will be to rescue Princess Peach from the big boss Bowser.  It shows King Koopa planning his "royal wedding" with the blonde princess.

Mario has a new trick in the new game. He can run, double/triple jump, slide, and now use his hat as a trampoline to hop over gaps. The red cap also seems in the trailer to be used as a boomerang weapon.   

In related news, Nintendo's mobile game "Super Mario Run" has dropped out of the top 50 grossing iOS apps in the United States, according to VentureBeat. The auto-runner game was released for iOS devices in December 2016.  

"Super Mario Run" is scheduled to roll out to Android devices in March. The iPhone game has had big success but some gamers were angry about the title's $10 price tag.  

Here's Nintendo's "Super Mario Odyssey" trailer: