• 'God Wars: Future Past' character Momotaro crosses swords against an enemy he was chasing for a while.

'God Wars: Future Past' character Momotaro crosses swords against an enemy he was chasing for a while. (Photo : YouTube/Kadokawa Games)

Kadokawa Games added a new "God Wars: Future Past" trailer, which revealed a new PlayStation 4 demo that will launch in Japan soon. Pre-order contents details were also revealed by the game developers.

The developers revealed on the video game's official website a new third trailer, which can be viewed below, showcasing new characters, and it was in full animation. It also revealed the second PS4 demo called the Beginning Demo, which will launch in Japan on Feb. 9.

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The latest video game demo will let players try out the early parts of its story, and it will also include the battle tutorial. For those who have save data from this demo will get the benefit of getting it transferred to the full game when it launches. They will also get rewards like items for doing so.

The game developers revealed on another post on the video game's official website the details of the bonus downloadable content that comes with its pre-orders in Japan. There will be two additional scenarios for Japanese gamers to take advantage of and it will depict the stories of new characters.

The first additional scenario introduced was the Hyuga's Future DLC. Featured here is Urashima, a mysterious young man being chased by a Hyuga soldier and will be voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara.

Urashima has some sort of a complex, and while he leads the life of a cynic, he is an honest and considerate person inside. In his way back home to Hyuga, he is attacked by the companions of Momotaro, the eldest son of the Queen of Hyuga, Amaterasu, off the coast of Mitoyo and begins a battle of honorable men.

Voiced by Kaito Ishikawa, Momotaro is apparently a very talented person in military and literary arts. Due to being the heir apparent, he gets a lot of attention, and he is full of spirit and decides in a calculated manner.

Another additional scenario is the A New Enemy content. It follows the story of the stolen jade of Koshi, which Kintaro's party finds out and investigates. They meet up with a blonde-haired group and a huge white tiger that they have not seen before.

Issun, a young adventurer, and Kintaro, a young warrior known for his inhuman strengthare introduced in this second additional content. The former has gained different types of knowledge while traveling through countries where the eight million gods exist while the latter lives in a village at the foot of Mount Fuji.

Check out the third "God Wars: Future Past" trailer here: