• iOS 10.2 beta version with new emojis running on a iPhone.

iOS 10.2 beta version with new emojis running on a iPhone. (Photo : YouTube/EverythingApplePro)

The hope remains, however faint, that there will be a jailbreak release coming from the Chinese hackers Team Pangu following the rollout this week of the official iOS 10.2.1 bump. And as Apple started seeding to developers beta 1 of version 10.3, rumors further fired up that either Pangu or Luca Todesco will create a JB tool based on the soon to be unsigned iOS 10.2.

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On Todesco's part, the iOS security researcher has made clear that work on an iOS 10.2 jailbreak is already in progress. What jailbreak fans stand to receive is supposedly a jump from the Yalu 10.1.1 JB tool, which to date remains in beta form, has limited coverage and in semi-tethered status.

There is no telling if the 10.2 jailbreak will be free from the issues mentioned above but Todesco himself has indicated that then initially released his upgraded Yalu jailbreak will likely not work on the iPhone 7 series. So the chance is high that the solution will turns out as incomplete - meaning it will be in beta and semi-tethered as its predecessor when it goes out.

And when the next Yalu jailbreak release, its maker will not say.

These uncertainties and a host of other reasons prompted jailbreak fans to pin their hopes on another possible provider of an iOS crack. That would be Team Pangu, which was last heard of when Cydia was shown running on the then unreleased iOS 10. That was back in July 2016 then the group went silent.

However, Neurogadget is convinced that Pangu will soon spring into action despite the absence of solid indicator that the group remains committed to provide a public jailbreak soon. It was said that the hacking team from China is working silently and is just waiting for the right time to finalize and release its take on the iOS 10.2 jailbreak.

"Tech experts are theorizing that Pangu is waiting for Apple to release iOS 10.2.1 before they would roll out their jailbreaking tool," the report said. And add to that the tech giant has already pushed out beta of version 10.3, which somehow indicates that work on 10.2xx has been wrapped as far as Apple is concerned.

So in the event that Pangu will release an iOS 10.2 jailbreak, the likelihood of the solution staying unpatched for quite some time is high. That translates to the JB tool getting a release date and if the same Neurogadget report is to be believed, it is an event that will happen "within the coming weeks."