• Microsoft Corporate Vice President Panos Panay introduces Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at a media event in October.

Microsoft Corporate Vice President Panos Panay introduces Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at a media event in October. (Photo : YouTube/ MSFT Technology News)

Microsoft appears to be ramping up on its preparation to roll out the Surface Pro 5, its imminent debut again hinted by the Surface Pro 4 becoming more affordable by the day. The SP4, specifically the most basic model, is now up for grabs for only $799, the new inviting deal seems to point to an SP5 release date that will happen real soon.

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Microsoft's online store in the United States, according to GSM Arena, now sells the Pro 4 that is powered by Intel Core m3 processor with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of built-in memory for $100 less. But would-be buyers need to take note that the package will not include the Surface Pen, which for some could prove a letdown.

Yet the good news is the same input instrument is now tagged for just $59 so the option is there to pick up the accessory and still save some cash, around $40, and get to enjoy the full Surface Pro 4 experience.

Of note too is that by jumping to the $899 bundle that is also the sale table, one will get a slightly beefed up Pro 4 that by default is with the Surface Pen right out of the box. So the juicy options are out there, which a few months back were not available for fans of the Windows 10-powered 2-in-1 device.

And these tempting deals will only get more compelling as the rumored unboxing of the Surface Pro 5 approaches. According to Forbes, the 2017 refresh will come with new touchscreen display technology and an Ultra HD or 4K screen resolution.

Supply chain rumors also indicate that the Surface Pen to come with the SP5 will be huge jump from the previous iteration, the improvements bannered by magnetic charging up feature.

Powering up the Pro 5 is definitely Intel's Kaby Lake processing chip and the upgrade to the seventh-generation chip will make the hybrid tablet ahead of Apple's MacBook Pro 2016, Forbes noted on its report. It is expected that Kaby Lake will not power the Mac and MacBook lines until the second half of 2017.

Rumors say the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is lined up for a grand intro via the MWC 2017 that will start in February 26. Then the release date will soon follow in March or right after the scheduled Windows 10 Creators Update rollout in the same month.