•  Warner Bros. Animation confirmed that "Young Justice" season 3 is in the works.

Warner Bros. Animation confirmed that "Young Justice" season 3 is in the works. (Photo : Facebook)

The latest details and spoilers for "Young Justice" season 3 will feature a five year gap plot and an LGBT character in the show.

Several rumors are making rounds regarding the possible plot details for "Young Justice" season 3 as show will start off with a five year gap similar to season 2 or even more as new members of "The Team" will be joining the senior members and the Justice League.There is also a possibility that Wally West could return from his "death" in season 2 and will likely be similar to the DC Rebirth storyline.

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Darkseid could also be a factor in "Young Justice" season 3 as the possible main villain of the show. He was last seen in season 2 finale meeting Vandal Savage along with Desaad and news anchorman G. Gordon Godfrey Inverse reported.

YouTube channel Emergency Awesome added that Darkseid could invade earth and possibly defeat the Justice League. With League incapacitated, the Team will likely step up to the challenge as earth's defenders. The YouTuber also addressed the possibility of a new Doctor Fate as Zatana will likely free her father Zatara from the service of Nabu. Zatara will be replaced by someone and name dropped Khalid Nassour, a med student in the comics.

Another possible storyiine for "Young Justice" Season 3 will have Roy Harper/Arsenal form his new team since he does not want to play by the rules of the Team and Justice League. The Outlaws could be featured in season 3 as the team consist of Arsenal, Jason Todd/Red Hood and Starfire. Perhaps Jason could be resurrected as Red Hood and Starfire could be a former member of the team by the time season 3 starts.

In other news, show co-creator Greg Weisman that an LGBT character will be making his/her debut in "Young Justice" season 3 when a fan asked him on Twitter.

Weisman tweeted a reply to the fan by saying that there is already a LGBT character within the Team's roster, although he did not reveal who that character is within the series.

The indication seems to be that the Young Justice creators have always intended certain characters to be members of the LGBTQ community, but they were forbidden by the network or someone else above them in the chain of command to make that fact overt.

There is no announcement of the premier date for "Young Justice" season 3.